Paola&Samule. Modern Elopement in Rome

Breathtaking views and enchanting details make this elopement in Rome, beautiful couple Paola and Samuel, an absolute must-see. Held at The Villa Agrippina Gran Melià, a wonderful luxury hotel overlooking Sant Angelo Castle, the style and effortless elegance of the day planned and designed by Carlotta Pomponi Wedding Planner and Paola Maly is only rivaled by the beauty of the roman pink colored sunset and the magnificence of the impressive monuments of the city centre. Bride dazzles in a gown designed by Bencivenga Altasartoria that confers a touch of the Made in Italy haute couture to the Groom's attire. Her chic look beautifully complimented the elegance of the day. You can feel the romantic atmosphere through this pictures. With a color palette rivaling the overwhelming sunset in Rome, Girafiore Naturartistica spread the joy and love of the day perfectly with a modern and joyful floral arrangement.The result was incredible!