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Scotland - World of hairy cows, incredible sunsets, green meadows and dogs.

Before traveling to Scotland, I never imagine that I will so deeply fall in love with a trip, where I'm going to see nature, and only in small part architecture. The idea of a trip to Scotland was born very spontaneously. I've never been attracted to this country. Probably because I did not know much about it. But after finding on the Internet pictures of hairy cows, I (now, even ridiculous to think) was very excited and decided that I wanted to see them in person. This pushed me to plan a two weeks trip to this amazing country

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Scotland is very special country. There for the first time in my life I had the feeling of greatness of our amazing planet, the real power of nature.

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A small number of people in a big area make Scotland unique. .

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Large green meadows with grazing sheep, big air clouds.

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Living in a big town, where a lot of sun and almost always clear sky, I have never thought that the clouds can be so huge!

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Of course, after the heat in Rome (~35C), after a short three hours flight we had to try to adapt to 10c.

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It was certainly difficult at the beginning but putting on all warm clothes, we were so excited about all thing around that forget about the cold. We were embraced by nature

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And what a beautiful North Sea, the Atlantic Ocean ... so romantic just walk on a deserted beach, hear the noise of the sea and look on wonderful sunset.

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And finally, our long-awaited meeting with these hairy cows. Photo shows my happiness.

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I really want to go back to Scotland, because during our trip we did not buy in advance tickets for the famous Harry Potter train and in the end there were no free places.

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I read in my childhood all books about Harry Potter and to ride the train, which brings to the magic school Hogwarts would be like to feel myself a child one more time). We found a modest replacement.

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But the idea to return to Scotland found a cozy place in my head.

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