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My name is Katerina and I'm a photographer. I am fortunate. I live in the most wonderful city in the world - Rome. The Eternal City is a constant source of Inspiration. Warm colored facades, magnificent ruins, cozy streets and amazing atmosphere... with Rome as a backdrop I able to create the beautiful photos to make your holiday here special.

My photos capture emotions and are spontaneous, full of meaning. Because photos are a source of memories. They will take you back to the events and places; help to feel and experience again those emotions. They will warm you up and bring a sense of happiness.

I shoot in Rome and in other cities of the sunny beautiful Italy. I also organize events: Wedding, birthday, or just a surprise in Rome will turn into a real fairy tale.

Come, I'll be glad to share with you my joy and my love for Italy!

Probably one of the components of happiness is your attitude to

what you do and how you fulfill every day. Becuase happiness ... does not come from outside,

it comes from the inside.

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